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Public Adjusters
A public adjuster is a licensed insurance adjuster who represents policyholders in handling insurance claims. He or She work for the homeowner, business owner or condo association and not for the insurance company. You may hire a public adjuster to represent you in your claim. The public adjuster is knowledgeable in the claims handling process. They can assist you in offering their expertise and handling many of the complex procedures and obligations under your policy in your behalf. They can also offer experience and knowledge in estimating and presenting your claim. We often recommend the hiring of a public adjuster.  

​Public Adjusters - Team up with us!

If you have hired a public adjuster, our attorneys will work with your public adjuster. Our attorneys aim to build a team with the public adjuster that provides you, the policyholder, with a strong, well rounded representation. We understand the importance of your relationship with your public adjuster and respect and value this relationship. Working in concert with your public adjuster we will strive to achieve great results for you, the policyholder.  We work with many public adjusters and find that the public adjuster is a strong member of the team for your representation. His or her knowledge and expertise brings an added value to your representation. We welcome the Public Adjusters.
Partnering with MMD Insurance Law Advocates

If you are a Public Adjuster and would like to meet with us to discuss the possibility of working together just call our office and schedule a meeting or email us at mcorrons@insurancelawadvocates.com. Our attorneys will be happy to meet with you and the other members of your firm and discuss how we can work together to best represent the client.  
We are confident that you will enjoy and benefit from working with us. The partners at the MMD Insurance Law Advocates have made the insurance industry their life long career. As former Public Insurance Adjusters and Appraisers, we have been in your shoes and understand the significant role of the Public Adjuster in the representation of an insurance claim.

We want to build a long lasting relationship with reputable and knowledgeable Public Adjusters such as you. Our goal is to create a team that is well respected and that achieves excellent results. To work with you, in bringing the Client the ultimate representation and maximizing the Client’s recovery in an expedient and professional manner.  

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We are looking forward to teaming up with the Public Adjuster in the representation of the Client. Our experience as former Public Adjusters allows us to respect and appreciate the role of the Public Adjuster in the handling of a property damage case. We understand the significant role the Public Adjuster plays and respect the relationship between the Public Adjuster and the Client. Our goal is to create a stronger representation for policyholder, and creating a winning team.

Our attorneys are ready to meet with you and your staff at your office. Simply contact us by phone or send us an email to see first-hand what we will provide.​

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
You can also contact our office directly at 305-256-2616 to schedule an appointment.
Advantages of Working with MMD Insurance Law Advocates

Working with us offers the following advantages: 

1. We understand the claims process from all aspects.
2. Having worked on the Insurance company side we know the specifics of what is needed to achieve a good settlement     for the policy holder. 
3. We know how to read an estimate and the scope of damages and can negotiate based on scope and damages. 
4. We have worked the field as public adjusters and appraisers and are sensitive to the policy holders’ needs.  
5. We know how important the insured is to your business.
6. We respect the relationship between the client and his/her public adjuster. 
7. We understand the importance of settling the claim in an efficient, but also expedient manner. 
8. We understand that the client has hired you for your expertise and together we create a team.
9. We are willing and able to litigate the case and take it as far as it needs to go to obtain the recovery the client     deserves.
10. We also understand that litigation is not comfortable for most people and our goal is to make it as easy as possible. 
11. We strive for the Client to be happy and to obtain the settlement the Client deserves as promptly as possible so that     they can move on with their lives. 
12. We file the complaints fast and stay on top of the file not letting it sit idle.  
13. We strive to reach a fair settlement in an expedient manner.
 Motivated, Mindful and Dedicated to our clients’ representation.